3 cool ways how to pronounce Xylella fastidiosa

how to pronounce xylella

Looking for the correct answer on how to pronounce Xylella? You came to right place.

Now that Xylella is making headlines all over the world, there is this one question which still baffles all. Scientists, academics, researchers, the general public and even journalists. This question is in fact one of the most searched online phrases regarding the topic of Xylella. Yes, believe it or not it is indeed – how to pronounce Xylella?

Although, it is a peculiar item to be searching for considering the fact that Xylella fastidiosa is destroying EU agriculture and causing severe regional problems in southern Europe. Nonetheless, it is a valid question. Let’s explore it together!

For those of you who don’t know about Xylella,  here are a few questions which can help you gain a better understanding:

How to pronounce Xylella fastidiosa?

It is no surprise that even we (BIOVEXO partners) came across this question of how to pronounce Xylella. In fact, we had several discussions on the matter and every time we came towards a different conclusion.

The number of answers seemed endless. For this reason, we had a little fun during our 2nd Consortium Meeting (see above) and decided that we would like to make a video. The intent behind it was to see just how many pronunciations we could come up with. Our diverse consortium of 11 partners didn’t disappoint. Every single partner had a different approach to pronouncing Xylella correctly.

This baffled us even further as to determining which pronunciation was correct.

We are sure this is also the case if you are involved in multi-national projects or if you work for international research institutes. Hence, it is also probably why you are looking for the correct answer.

how to pronounce Xylella

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Xylella fastidiosa how to pronounce?

The fact of the matter is, that there are multiple ways you can pronounce Xylella correctly. It is because every language has its own spin on it. This is most likely the reason why you’ve heard a million versions and you’ve been wondering which one is the right one. In short, they all are.

To sum up and make things a little easier, we found three correct (and most common) ways how to pronounce Xylella, whether it be in English, Spanish and French.

how to say Xylella in English

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This is the most common way to pronounce Xylella. Use this one in international environments and you’ll be good to go.

how to say Xylella in Spanish

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This is the second most popular method of pronouncing Xylella. If you visit Spanish speaking countries or you have Spanish speaking colleagues, you will definitely come across this version.

how to say Xylella in French

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This version is also works in Italian.

how to pronounce Xylella?

We hope that this video helped and NOW you too know how to pronounce Xylella. The truth of the matter is, that there is no correct answer. Depending on regionality and language, the pronunciation of Xylella will change.

Handy tip: If you are dealing with international stakeholders, just stick with the English version. However, if you have a meeting in Spain (a region where the Xylella outbreak is out of control), then perhaps stick to the Spanish version.

If in doubt, show your colleagues this article and hopefully it will clear things up.

To learn more about the BIOVEXO project and Xylella fastidosa, take a look at the official page of the European Commission dealing with plant health and biosecurity.

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