BIOVEXO project partner DOMCA awarded SME prize of the year in Spain

BIOVEXO commercial partner DOMCA has been recognized today as the “SME of the Year 2021” in the Spanish province Granada. The jury selected DOMCA among the thirty candidates and the other two finalists, Grupo Alternativa Campus and SIDN, for the improvement in all areas of its operation.

The award organized by Banco Santander, the Granada Chamber of Commerce and the Motril Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and the Ideal newspaper, aims to recognize the performance of SMEs in the province of Granada.

Apart of the main prize, three second prizes are awarded, “Prize for Internationalization”, “Prize for Training and Employment”, and “Prize for Responsible Company”. Extraordinarily, in 2021, a special recognition is awarded for the “Best initiative to adapt to the 2020 pandemic situation”.

The winning company of the “Granada SME Prize of the year 2021” will compete with winners from other 49 Spanish provinces for the “National SME Prize of the Year 2021” that will be decided in the first quarter of 2022. Likewise, the companies that win the different second prizes and the special recognition will compete for the National Prizes in their respective categories.

The jury appreciated the consolidation of DOMCA’s company governance achieving a slight company growth even in the difficult year 2020 and its international expansion that has led it to establish a presence in the agri-food sector in key European countries such as Hungary, Germany or England, but also in Latin American markets with Chile or Argentina, or Asians markets such as China.

It has recognized also strong commitment of DOMCA to R&D, innovative and sustainable solutions and participation in national and international projects. Lastly, the jury underlined the company’s social commitment and especially its involvement with various activities during the pandemic.

Julio Rodríguez and Gerardo Cuerva applaud Andrea Ricci, DOMCA commercial director, during the award ceremony

DOMCA is dedicated to the research, development, implementation and commercialization of products and additives for the food industry. Based on its extensive experience in the field of functional coatings and the preservation of dairy and meat products, it has been diversifying its research to develop specific solutions for any food sector and for plant nutrition and protection. One result of this expansion is DOMCA’s participation as biocontrol developer in the BIOVEXO project.

DOMCA had been nominated already as the best SME of the year 2020 when it has been awarded, however, the second prize as the “Best responsible company”.

BIOVEXO is proud to have such people on board during its quest for Xylella cure in olive trees! Congratulations!

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