2nd Consortium Meeting

22nd of September 2020

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The BIOVEXO partners met for the 2nd time in a virtual Consortium Meeting session. Progress was shared by all 11 partners. Milestone 2 ‘First decision on promising compounds’ has been reached. Deliverable 1.1 and Deliverable 2.1  have also been internally discussed and will be completed by the end of September. Upcoming plans for the remainder of the year were discussed. Internal mid-periodic reporting has been launched.

RTDS Association (RTDS) is a non-profit SME supporting the implementation of EU research & innovation projects to optimise use of the results for maximum impact. RTDS provides professional management of Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) and project management services in a range of areas: food, nutrition and agriculture, forestry and associated processing technologies, manufacturing but also renewable energy, transport and related social sciences. •

RTDS is the Coordinator of BIOVEXO as well as Work Package 8 (Management) leader and Work Package 7 (Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication) leader.