X-biopesticides for Xylella control
  • Testing of bacteria and plant-based extract for Xylella targeting X biopesticides
  • Testing will be conducted in two locations:
    • in olive orchards in Apulia (Italy)
    • and almond & olive orchards in Mallorca
  • Identification of best application methods of biocontrol agents for Xylella prevention and curative approaches
  • Available test results to be compiled and thoroughly evaluated
  • One or more bacterial strains & plant-based extract will be selected and applied in small field trials
  • Promising solutions to be considered for large-scale testing and IPM
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Work Package led by:
Jose M. Garcia Madero
José Manuel García Madero is the Project Manager of DOMCA, a Spanish company with more than 40 years of experience offering innovative solutions for the agrifood sector. Jose holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management and is currently responsible for several national and international projects at the company. Among others, José currently coordinates Biopromedfood (PRIMA), Active Honey (Eureka) or Aquagarlic (SME Instrument) projects.
WP1 focuses on evaluating and optimising the active compounds of biocontrol solutions acting against the Xylella pathogen. This WP is the starting point of the project and the preliminary results will be used in subsequent Work Packages as well as in the large scale field trials that will be carried out for several years in different locations of the South of Europe. It is very exciting and a great responsibility to coordinate this Work Package because the success of this preliminary results could lead to the success of BIOVEXO project.
I am particularly aware of the importance of the almond and olive sector in the European Union, and particularly in Andalusia. My family, as well as many other families of this region have always worked in the olive and almond harvest, being a major source of income for many Andalusian families. I am deeply concerned about the devastating consequences that this disease could have for this region. Furthermore, olive oil is a distinctive and quality product for the Mediterranean area that we should fight to preserve. Besides, it is very exciting to collaborate with first-class academic partners, companies of different sizes and countries of the EU and farmers of the affected area to find a solution for this devastating disease.

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RTDS is the Coordinator of BIOVEXO as well as Work Package 8 (Management) leader and Work Package 7 (Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication) leader.